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Enhancing the Health of Veterans through Research and Education

Grant Submission(Pre/Post Award)

Grant Application Requirements and Submission Deadlines

The Portland VA Research Foundation (PVARF) is available to assist Principal Investigators and their staff with the process of submitting extramural grant proposals. PVARF has developed the following guidelines to ensure submissions are complete and go through the review process in a timely manner.

In order to submit a grant to an outside sponsor (including voluntary health organizations, other nonprofits, federal agencies or corporate sponsors); please review the Grant proposal guidelines for details. PVARF must review all grants prior to submission and receive a completed VAPORHCS PPQ submission form for each project. For projects that require services or subcontracts with other organizations, please submit the materials to PVARF no less than two weeks prior to the submission due date.

For investigator-initiated projects obtaining corporate support, a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) must be established between PVARF, the corporate partner, and VAPORHCS. Negotiation of CRADAs will be initiated by PVARF once the investigator has provided necessary information. All such CRADAs must be signed by PVARF and VAPORHCS. Investigators cannot enter into funding agreements that bind PVARF or VAPORHCS in any way.

Please note that all proposals being submitted to granting agencies prior to submission to the sponsor must be reviewed by the VAPORHCS R&D Committee.  Principal Investigators submitting grants through the foundation must submit to the R&D office the scientific abstract and a completed PPQ submission form

Grant Proposal Guidelines

1)      Portland VA Medical Center (PVAMC) Investigators/Staff Named on Proposal


VAPORHCS investigators named on proposal for grants administered by PVARF

NIH Sub Awards:
No salary may be requested for full-time VAPORHCS positions.

If effort is requested, a letter from the investigator’s service chief is required, acknowledging this effort as part of his or her PVAMC appointment.

Other Awards:
VAPORHCS faculty may be able to request a portion of VA salary. PVARF will reimburse the VAPORHCS for grant related effort.

VAPORHCS staff named on proposal

NIH Sub Awards:
The general rule is that VA staff cannot receive salary from the NIH on a grant. In some rare cases, NIH may allow a sub award to the VA for staff, with significant justification. The following statement must be included in the application’s budget justification:

“This individual is a VAPORHCS employee. The VA will be reimbursed for the effort of this employee and there will be no dual compensation or conflict of interest for this work.”

Other Awards:
Salary may be requested.


2)      Other Institutions or personnel listed on a Grant Proposal administered by PVARF


Other Institution faculty/staff

Salary only or salary and other expenses

Submission Requirements:
A sub award will be required. Refer to the request for Sub award form. A full sign-off from subawardee institution is required.



3)      PVARF Named on Other Institution Proposal- Non-Federal

PVARF/VAPORHCS Investigators/staff

Salary only or salary and other expenses

Submission Requirements:
A sub award will be required with full review and sign-off by PVARF.


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Other Information

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PVARF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Letters of our exempt status are available upon request.