PVARF Webpage Policy

The Portland VA Research Foundation (PVARF) will support the research and communications needs of VA PIs (PIs) by providing space on the PVARF server for PIs to create their own web pages. This will allow PIs to highlight their research, funding, publications, ongoing projects and research staff. The costs for developing and hosting the webpages will be covered by the PVARF provided the guidelines and procedures described below are followed. This service has been approved by the Board of Directors of the PVARF and will be subject to periodic review.


  1. PIs must use the template provided by the PVARF for designing their webpage and are responsible for all content.
  2. PIs understand that all files published on their webpage are neither private nor confidential.
  3. All affiliations must be acknowledged including the VAPORHCS, PVARF and (if applicable) OHSU.
  4. Webpages shall not give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions, or otherwise making statements on behalf of the VA Portland Healthcare System, or PVARF. All webpages must state this disclosure: “The materials posted here do not represent the views of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or the United States Government.”
  5. Webpages shall not include, nor link to web pages that include material that, upon viewing, could create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning or working environment.
  6. Webpages should promote VA research and may not be used for personal financial gain.
  7. The PI may create an option to blog but user comment capacity is not allowed.

Procedures for creating a webpage:

  1. PVARF has identified a web hosting plan and web developer.
  2. The PI should send an email request to the Executive Director of the PVARF stating their desire to create a webpage.
  3. The Executive Director will create the domain name for the PI. All webpages will be named as per this example: www.JoeSmith.pvarf.com
  4. The PI will be sent a template to be used for designing their page themselves or working with the web developer ($500 is the maximum cost allowed).
  5. Soliciting donations to support the PIs research program is allowed (work with the Executive Director for designing this function).
  6. After the design is complete and ensuring that the disclosure is stated, the finished product should be forwarded to the Executive Director for final review and publication.
  7. The Executive Director will provide the PI the log-in information needed to maintain their website.
  8. Website names will be reviewed annually.