Travel Stipend for Funded VA Investigators

The PVARF will provide each funded “VA investigator” with support to attend two scientific meetings per calendar year, not to exceed $2,000 total, where an abstract submitted by the investigator has been accepted for presentation (talk or poster). A “VA investigator” is defined as being eligible to receive VA research funds from Medical Research, HSR&D, RR&D or Cooperative Studies. The following conditions must be met:

The investigator is principal investigator (PI) who is or has been a PI on a peer-reviewed grant from the VA or NIH that was active either last year or is active this calendar year. For VA Cooperative studies, PI is the study chair.

To utilize this program, prior to committing any personal expenses, the investigator should forward a copy of the notification that the abstract has been accepted to the Deputy ACOS, Research Service for approval that the investigator is eligible to have the trip in question reimbursed under this policy.

If approved for use of the travel stipend, all expenses related to the meeting (s) will be covered up to a maximum of $2,000. These include abstract submission fees, registrations, airfares, hotesl, per diems, and other expenses related to travel as described in the section above. Cash advances for travel will not be provided. A request for reimbursement utilizing the PVARF Travel Reimbursement form and the approved travel stipend funding letter should be forwarded to the PVARF administrative office after the trip is completed. All guidelines for reimbursement listed in the section above must be followed.

This program for support of VA investigators will be reviewed each year by the PVARF Board of Directors and extended only if the Board concludes that sufficient reserve funds are available to continue it. No commitments can be made that this current program will be continued in future years.