Visiting Scientist Program- Only one per PI per Year

PVARF will allow a group of at least three (3) VA investigators to invite a scientist to visit the Portland VA Medical Center for the purpose of delivering a seminar and meeting with VA scientists individually to discuss research. Ideal uses of this program will be to promote collaborations or solicit input on pending grant applications. The target audience for the seminar would be the entire Research Service. The sponsoring PIs should advise the speaker that a presentation on the level of a Scientific American article would be ideal, rather than a talk targeted at a group of experts in a highly focused area. An individual PI may host only one (1) visiting scientist per academic year (September-June).

Funds will be provided by PVARF for the following expenses:

Hotel for 1-2 nights (maximum $225.00per night)

Dinner with the visitor and up to 4 VA scientists. (Please follow the Business Meeting Expenses policy)

Round trip air fare (coach class)

Incidental expenses (taxi, airport parking)

Prior approval from the ACOS/R&D is required. To utilize this program three (3) funded PIs should jointly sign a memo listing the name of the visiting scientist and requesting that he or she is approved for the program. This should be sent to the ACOS/R&D along with a copy of the individual’s curriculum vitae.

If the request is approved, the group of investigators is responsible for extending the invitation and setting up the itinerary. A copy of the final itinerary should be sent to the ACOS/R&D. The PVARF office will reserve a room, prepare the announcement and provide lunch for the seminar.