Research Activities

Funds administered for research projects are managed separately from funds administered for education projects. Funds received by PVARF for support of research cannot be allocated to educational activities unless the donor has made no restrictions on the use of the funds or has provided specific permission for reallocation of the funds. Likewise, funds received for support of education can be reallocated for support of research only under the same conditions. Research and education funds will be kept in separate internal accounts.

Principal Investigators:

PVARF uses the term Principal Investigator to designate the individual who has overall authority and responsibility for conducting a research or education project. The principal investigator (PI) for each project/activity must hold a VA appointment and also must be the same person who is named in the approval granted the project by the applicable committee or Education Committee. The PI for each project/activity is responsible for supervising all personnel for their activity.

Upon request and approval from the appropriate PI, the PVARF will pay personnel from the appropriate research or education account fund.