•  Non-Profit organization enacted by Congress to facilitate medical research and Education programs conducted at the VAPORHCS
  • Provides flexible mechanism for the administration of funds in support of research, education and training.

Education activities supported by PVARF

  • Work related instruction or learning experiences for employees improving performance of duties, gaining specialized proficiencies & expand understanding of changes in patient care.
  • For Veterans under VHA care, the education & training may include instruction & learning related to improving & maintaining health.

Who can set up an Education account?

  • Individuals with staff appointments who are awarded an education grant. 
  • A service chief that receives funds for the benefit of the education & training of employees, patients or caregivers. 
  • The responsible individual or designee for an education or training initiative or activity at the VAPORHCS. 

Types of Programs

  • Patient Related Activities 
  • Education activities for Veterans, their families and guardians, including instruction or other learning experiences related to improving or maintaining the health of Veterans. 
  • Employees work-related experiences for employees 
  • Improve performance of current duties 
  • Assist employees in maintaining or gaining specialized proficiencies 
  • Expand understanding of advances or changes in patient care, technology, or health care administration. 

How to set up an Account

  • Upon securing funds or a donor for an education activity an “Education Account Request” form must be submitted to the PVARF Executive Director. The form is located on our website under forms. 
  • The form must identify the type of Education activity, the donor, a budget and the purpose of the account. 
  • The request form will then be presented to the ACOS-Education. 
  • The ACOS-Education will review the activity or program, the budget and approve or disapprove. 
  • Upon approval an “Education Account” will be set up in the PVARF and the initiator notified by the Executive Director. 

Administration of the Account

  • All monies will be deposited into the education account set up by the PVARF accounting office. 
  • An education account will be subject to Indirect Costs on all deposits based on the restrictions of the granting agency.   

Fund Deposits & Disbursements

All funds received and disbursed must follow the provisions of the award. 

Commercial Support

  • Educational Grants 
  • Ok to contract for type of activity/date/media. 
  • NOT OK to have strings about objectives, agenda, faculty selection etc. 
  • NOT OK for donor to participate in planning process or have any marketing influence in activity. 
  • NOT OK for faculty to negotiate with donor- only CME sponsor should. 

Your Support Helps

We fund important work that helps Veterans overcome health obstacles -- physical and mental.

Donations, large or small, can make a difference in finding new treatments and cures.