Forms, Policies, & Procedures

Grant Application Requirements and Submission Deadlines

The Portland VA Research Foundation (PVARF) is available to assist Principal Investigators and their staff with the process of submitting extramural grant proposals. PVARF has developed the following guidelines to ensure submissions are complete and go through the review process in a timely manner. In order to submit a grant to an outside sponsor (including voluntary health organizations, other nonprofits, federal agencies or corporate sponsors); please review the Grant proposal guidelines for details. PVARF must review all grants prior to submission. PVARF can submit grants to all government entities. When deciding on who to submit you grant through, the general rule is that the institution where the majority of the work is being conducted should submit the application. If more than 50% of the work is being completed on VA property, the grant should be submitted through PVARF. 

For projects that require services or subcontracts with other organizations, please submit the materials to PVARF no less than one week prior to the submission due date. 

For investigator-initiated projects obtaining corporate support, a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) must be established between PVARF, the corporate partner, and VA Portland Health Care System (VAPORHCS). 

Negotiation of CRADAs will be initiated by PVARF once the investigator has provided necessary information. 

All such CRADAs must be signed by PVARF and VA Portland Health Care System (VAPORHCS). Investigators cannot enter into funding agreements that bind PVARF or VAPORHCS in any way. 

Principal Investigators submitting grants through the foundation must submit to the R&D office the scientific abstract and a completed PPQ. (See