Personnel Agreements

Due to the nature of research funding, support for salaries may be derived from different entities even as an employee continues to work for a single Principal Investigator. For this reason, PVARF utilizes written agreements with OHSU and the VAPORHCS to “borrow” and “loan” employees without their having to have more than one employer or to be terminated and re-hired frequently. The agreements are listed below, along with some guidelines. To determine the appropriate agreement please review the table below.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA)

PVARF accepts VA-appropriated funds only pursuant to an executed Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) agreement. It is used to reimburse for salary and benefit costs for a PVARF employee working on a VA funded project.

  • Upon receiving a request to initiate an IPA assignment assigning a PVARF employee to PVAMC, the Senior Accountant ensures that the individual has been a PVARF employee for at least ninety (90) days before initiating the IPA assignment and that the position is sufficiently skilled (not administrative) to qualify for an IPA.
  • The Principal Investigator completes the IPA Request Form and submits it to the Senior Accountant for processing.
  • The Senior Accountant ensures that IPA assignment renewals/extensions are consistent with the time limitations specified in the IPA statute and regulations. See for additional IPA requirements and check with the Executive Director for specifics.
OHSU Sub-Award Procedures

Investigators who plan to utilize OHSU employees or other research services, and have funds at the PVARF will need to request a Sub Award. The Sub Award Form is used when there is an external funded sponsored project awarded to PVARF. Instructions and “PVARF/OHSU Sub Award Form” are on the PVARF form website. This mechanism can also be reversed. Investigators need to contact their OHSU department to request an OHSU/PVARF sub-award.

  • OHSU Sub Award – The sub-award is an agreement between OHSU and PVARF. This billing mechanism is used when an OHSU employee works on a PVARF administered sponsored project and PVARF reimburses OHSU for salary and benefit costs.
  • PVARF Sub Award – This agreement is used when a PVARF employee will be billed to an OHSU administered project and OHSU provides salary reimbursement to PVARF. Contact the Executive Director for assistance. This process can also be reversed.
  • Personnel Services Agreement (PSA) – This agreement is used when PVARF purchase of services of OHSU personnel staff will be charged to an account other than a sponsored project. Used infrequently so contact the Executive Director.

What factors determine when to use an IPA, Subaward or PSA?

Current Employer: Funds are coming from: Agreement Type:
OHSU PVARF Subaward or PSA

To prepare an agreement the following information will be required:

  • Employee’s full name
  • Annual Salary
  • Date of Hire (Note:  employee must be paid via other sources for 90 days prior to IPA)
  • Job Title and Job Duties
  • Project # or Project Title to which the employee will be assigned
  • Include % of effort if less than 100% on the agreement
  • Supervisor’s name, if different than PI
  • Length of agreement (start and end date)