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Mark Garzotto

Dr. Garzotto has a long standing interest in trying to refine the diagnostic approaches to the detection of prostate cancer including incorporation of MRI and novel statistical methods such as machine learning. His research group identified the Viet Nam war-era defoliant, Agent Orange as a risk factor for aggressive prostate cancer. He is considered an expert in the design of novel treatment regimens for locally advanced prostate cancer including combination therapy such as chemoradiation and immuno-hormonal regimens. He is the Chief of the Urology at the Portland VA Medical Center where he also serves as the Lead Investigator for the VA NAVIGATE Program that conducts NCI-sponsored trials for multiple cancer types. Understanding the molecular drivers of cancer is a prime interest of his, as he feels this knowledge is essential to the pursuit of improved outcomes for patients. He has a strong interest in teaching as he feels the future of medicine is dependent on the continued growth in knowledge. He has been awarded the Department Faculty Teacher of the Year Award several times.