Forms, Policies, & Procedures

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are used for vendors who will bill the PVARF at a later date. The numbered Purchase Order forms must be signed out from the PVARF administrative office and kept secured until used. Purchase Orders must have a full description of the product, quantity ordered, per unit price and extended price. If freight or transportation is billed as a separate item, freight bill must accompany invoice. The complete vendor address, and phone number must be included. Inform all vendors that all invoices must reference the purchase order. All items are to be ordered by the investigator. The Purchase Order should then immediately be sent to the PVARF administrative office. If a justification for how the order is related to the investigator’s research is not included on the Purchase Order, an accompanying memo should provide this explicit justification. When the order is received, the packing slip or confirmation of delivery must be sent to the PVARF administrative office. “Blanket” Purchase Orders can also be set up with prior approval from the administrative office. “Blanket” Purchase Orders must be renewed every year.