Transfer of Funds and/or Equipment

Transfer of Active Projects to another Institution:

If the PI is moving to an academic nonprofit or other nonprofit research institution to continue an ongoing VA-approved research project, funds received by PVARF attributable to that project may be transferred to that institution at the discretion of the Board of Directors. If such funds retain donor-imposed restrictions, PVARF may be required to return remaining funds to the donor. Equipment purchases with PVARF attributable to that project may also be transferred at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Sponsor notification and approval are usually required. The destination institution must request the transfer and agree in writing to accept responsibility for the project, funds, and equipment. 

Transfer of Active Projects within Institution:

If a PI resigns before a project is completed, the member may request that another PVARF PI assume responsibility for research or education activities with PVARF funding. This request requires either R&D Committee approval or EC approval, the approval of the PVARF Board of Directors and if necessary, sponsor approval. The PI should submit a written request to the Board of Directors for review. This request should be sent through the Executive Director.