Reporting Improper Activity

Residual Research & Education Funds Policy

Funds received for active research and education projects are restricted for the duration of the study and will be used for the support of that project. After the completion of a project, all remaining funds (residual funds), if any, will be transferred to a General Purpose(GP) account if the donor has not specified any further restrictions on the use of these funds. Funds from a GP account may be used to support ongoing projects and related activities at the Portland VA Medical Center. All expenditures must be consistent with policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors and are subject to approval by the Executive Director.

In the event an investigator with a General Purpose account administered by PVARF terminates his or her appointment (staff, WOC, fee, or contract) at the Portland VA Medical Center, funds will be forfeited unless a written request is sent to the Board of Directors for the approval to transfer the remaining funds in accordance with PVARF’s Transfer of Funds and Equipment policy. Funds will be considered for transfer to another qualified 501 (c) (3) organization only when such funds are associated with an ongoing project. This request must be received within 30 days following termination of appointment.